[Love stories on Lamma Island] RTHK programme: Lamma Love Stories


There are many families with different culture sharing the tiny Lamma Island. How their love stories different from Hong Kong people? Why would they choose staying in Hong Kong? How romantic is living on a small island? How could they overcome challenges?

HAC Lamma Island recently joined a radio programme held by the RTHK and is going to produce a show called "Lamma Love Stories". This show will invite residents from Lamma Island with different background ranged from the South East Asia to Europe and America. They will share their special stories with us.

If you are interested in lives on outlying island or the cross cultural stories, please vote and support us!

Voting procedures:
1. Enter https://cibs.rthk.hk/vote/voting?s=1&l=1
2. Find "Lamma Love Stories" and "like", then "Submit" the form at the bottom of the page (You may vote for more than one programme)
3. Fill in your name, first 4 digits of HKID and contact number
4. Fill in the verification code and then submit
5. Success