ReadEmpowers: 5 Tips for parents reading with children!


Paired reading is the first step for children to form their reading habit. It is also good for parent-child relationship. Many researches pointed out that parents's participation is essential for children to build their reading and writing skills at early ages. Here are five tips for parents to take the initiation:

1. Choose the right storybook

Parents can choose a good storybook according to their children's interest and ages.

2. Ask

Parents can use the 5W1H, what, why, when, who, where and how to arouse the interest of the children.

3. Repeat

Parents can encourage children to read part of the story aloud after parents' reading. This can enhance children's listening, speaking and ability to express themselves. Remember not to force them.

4. Role playing

Parents can invite children to role play so they can immerse and understand the characters' feeling.

5. Prepare before the reading

Parents should prepare well and be familiar with the story, they may also think of some follow-up questions to guide children's thinking.

Making use of the above tips would definitely help children to gain interest in reading. Be a happy reader!