ReadEmpowers: Local Storybook Writer Wendy encouraged parents to enjoy books with children

【悅讀愈強】香港繪本家温柏萱 鼓勵親子同樂探索繪本

Wendy, a Hong Kong picture book author, has been embellishing many stories with fascinating painting styles. Her books include "my father is a tree" and "Wukong moves mountains". As a picture book author, she has three reading tips to share with children and parents.

The benefits of reading picture books

Wendy shared that one of the biggest benefits from reading is to broaden one’s horizons. The most magical part of picture books is to release the author's emotions with colorful pictures and interesting stories. Apart from learning knowledge, children can be inspired by the stories, unleashing creativity and improving writing skills.

Book selection tips

"Every child has his or her own favorite pictures and words. Parents can let their children explore freely, choosing the books they like in the library.” Wendy suggested that parents should allow their children to explore and choose books according to their preferences. This can arouse their interest in reading.

Parent-child reading skills

Some parents think that they are not good at storytelling, so give up the idea of reading with children. Wendy believed that it is a gift to accompany children to read books. Parents can spare time to read with children, explore the details of pictures together, and read at children's pace, so as to enhance the enjoyment in the reading process.