Special Service Arrangement for the new wave of Pandemic


To protect our service users and staff from being infected by the new wave of pandemic, HAC will take a series of measures and precautions from now on:

  1. All child-care service suspends. For members who need special care, please contact our staff;
  2. All drop-in service suspends. Other services require reservations, please contact our centre for details;
  3. Some activities held at Chuk Yuen Centre & Diana Boyd Wilson Centre will be called off or postponed. If your class is canceled, we will contact you for the refund arrangement;
  4. Storytelling activities at Storyland in July will be canceled, we will do the refund. Centre remains closed;
  5. All activities held at Story Hub in July will be canceled, we will do the refund. Centre remains closed;
  6. Indoor activity groups at Tai O Centre will take place as scheduled, but will limit the number of participants;
  7. All activities held at Lamma Island Centre in July will be canceled or held using Zoom. Outdoor activities held in August may be canceled or postponed according to the situation;
  8. People who have symptoms of pneumonia/ visited outside Hong Kong in the past 14 days/ had contact with Covid-19 patient/ traveled to high risk area, is not allowed to enter our centre;
  9. All people should measure their body temperature and disinfect their hands before entering our centre. Wearing a mask is a must and should keep social distance with others;
  10. No meal is allowed;
  11. Our staff can arrange independent room for members or ask members to leave the centre.

If you have any questions, please contact our centre:
Storyland & Story Hub: 23388347
Chuk Yuen Centre: 23298056
Diana Boyd Wilson Centre: 23386820
Lamma Island Centre: 29822173
Tai O Centre: 29854200