[Notice] Diana Boyd Wilson Centre Special Service Arrangement due to the Coronavirus Outbreak


To minimize the risk of being infected and to prevent community outbreak, starting from 5 Feb to 1 March 2020, HAC Diana Boyd Wilson Center will have the following special arrangement:

  1. Opening Hours:
    Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm
    Sat: 10am - 6pm
  2. Suspend all drop-in service, uniform group and interest groups.
  3. Maintain limited child care service for dual-career families ONLY, working proof is required.
  4. For members joining the child care service on or before 15 Feb, service fee is fully charged. For members joining the programme on or after 17 Feb, service fee is halved. If the programme suspends for a month, no fee is required.
  5. Members who have been traveling to Mainland China should isolate themselves for 14 days before attending our service. Please inform our staff if you have a traveling history in the past 14 days honestly and submit a health declaration form.
  6. All members and parents should wear a mask when entering our centre. Members should measure their body temperature regularly, always wear a mask, and wash their hands frequently. Our staff will isolate members if needed.
  7. To avoid infection, please stay at home. If children have any symptoms of respiratory infection including fever or coughing, please seek a doctor. Avoid going to crowded places.
  8. To ensure members and staff's health, if any members have respiratory infection symptoms, parents MUST pick the members up. Staff can arrange an isolation room for the member if needed.
  9. Please contact us within office hours at 2338 6820 for inquiries.
  10. Please follow our website or facebook for any updates.

HAC Diana Boyd Wilson Centre 1/2/2020