Captain Health Activities


Do you want to be Captain Health?

To encourage children to be positive during the pandemic, we published a story "Captain Health", please enjoy:

Activity 1

Anti-epidemic Gear Level-up! Design a mask (4-8 children) or design a protective gown for the Captain!

Download the design worksheet, submit your design on or before 29 March online. We will select 6 best works from the 2 groups accordingly and give out $200 supermarket gift coupon to winners. We will do the scoring in three aspects including creativity, appearance and function.

Now closedsee who are the winners

Activity 2

Become Captain Health! Children will be rewarded as Captain Health by finishing a "Anti-epidemic diary". Submit your diary online after 27 March, you will get a Captain Batch and a pack of "Captain Health Theater" handcraft gift freely. All materials were designed and made by HAC. The activity was closed. Thanks for your support!

For participants who join the programme through schools,please submit your diary here