Lamma Island Centre

Lamma Island Centre was established in 2001. It is the only charitable organization serving the community on the island. Services target includes children, families, the elderly and various races and we receive support from different people and enterprises.
Target: Residents in Lamma Island

A Blessing Journey in Lamma


The project is to establish a collaboration model of "Society, Welfare and Business" to jointly build a cross-sector platform to respond to the needs of residents on the Island. We aim to transform Islanders of different backgrounds into "Social Spots Volunteers" and "Physical and Spiritual Volunteers" through trainings. Assisting in the establishment of social spots, so that the Islanders can get relief from the stressful life, promote physical, mental, social and spiritual health, as well as to establish a network of mutual help among neighbours. The project also cooperates with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to use the concept of “Time Bank” to establish a need-matching platform to encourage Islanders of different ages and ethnicities to contribute their talents and help establishing a relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit among Islanders.

Need-matching Platform
Cooperating with HKU "HINCare" and utilize the "Hands in Hands" mobile app to implement "Time Banking" concept to encourage Islanders of different ages and backgrounds to help each other in their daily lives. In order to establish a relationship of mutual assistance and mutual benefit, it is planned that through in-depth trainings, the core volunteers will be able to manage and sustain the operation of the Time Bank.
Residents’ Social Spots
Taking the interest of the Islanders as the intervention point. With the assistance of the volunteers, through regular exchange gatherings, skills sharing and networking activities, such as happy chair dances and storytelling events, to establish gatherings and create a close bonding on the Island.
Physical and Spiritual Activities
Recruiting women and retirees on the Island to participate in training and become volunteers. Assisting in designing and organizing diversified activities with themes of physical, mental, social and spiritual health, to gather Islanders to participate and build mutual trust relationship, while also take care of the mental health of the Islanders.
Cross-sector Collaboration Platform
Connecting with partners in "Society, Welfare, and Business", to leverage the expertise of different stakeholders. It aims to establish a cross-sector collaboration platform and referral mechanism, as well as introduce resources in town to respond to the needs of Islanders.

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