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Kiddie Banker

  • Starting Date: Jan 2021
  • Service User: Local primary school students
  • Sponsor: Societe Generale & Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged

Thankful to have the support from the Societe Generale and the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, HAC began the project "Kiddle Banker" in 2020. The project aimed to promote positive spending attitude, the value of money, buy only what we need and plan for spending via stories and activities.

We will provide free workshops and seminars for schools. If you are the representative of your school and is interested in our programme, please register below and we will send you the enrollment form later.

Registration form:https://forms.gle/KJ4uXvJiEuF7L3ei7

* Completion of the above registration does not mean that you are enrolled successfully. Official enrollment session will start in February or March 2021, please refer to our latest email.


[Kiddle Banker] Activities

Kiddle Banker Story Seminar
Target: P.1 - P.3 students
Time: 1 hour / session
Quota: Not less than 100 pax per session
Format: Interactive stories, questions, situational thinking
Theme: Purchasing and spending - let students learn about currency, factors that we need to consider before buying, and understand "needs" and "wants"


Kiddle Banker Story Workshop
Target: P.1 - P.3 students
Time: 1 hour / session
Quota: 30-40 pax per session
Format: Storybooks reading, role-playing, experimental activities, issue discussing
Theme: Plan to make good use of money - to encourage students to allocate their money to saving, spending and sharing