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The ABCs of Law

  • Partnership: Deacons
  • Starting Date: 2014
  • Service User: Primary school students
  • Join Us: Please refer to Centre

Activity Mission

The ABCs of Law was a collaborative project done by Hans Andersen Club and Deacons. We started the project since 2014. With the aid of professional lawyers and volunteers from Deacons, we provided creative dramas and outings etc. for children to trigger their thinking towards the importance of rules and law. Some daily related topics were chosen to further present to children, such as contractual obligations, intellectual property rights, so as to let them understand their rights and obligations as members of Hong Kong's community.


Activity Details and Impact

Deacons organised different activity at all our centre every year. Participants said this project let them understand more about rules and law, if they randomly change or add a rule, the community may lose order.
Deacons picked up a Citizenship Award at the Asian Lawyer Asia Legal Awards in 2015. It also won the first runner-up prize in the Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition 2014-16 held by the Sub-committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering of Social Welfare Department.



The ABCs of Law Storybooks

Know more about Intellectual Property Rights: Who is the Forest's King of Music?

Know more about anti-discrimination ordinances: The thanksgiving without discrimination




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