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Intergenerational Story Adventure

  • Starting Date: 2019-2021
  • Service User: Retired & Kindergarten children
  • Expected Beneficiaries: 3838
  • Sponsor: Community Chest


Project Mission & Goal

Retired people accumulated many work and life experience which is a treasure to the community. We believe with professional storytelling training, these retired people would become active again and contribute to our society. Utilizing their experience, they can educate children with their knowledge via stories, at the same time rebuild their confidence and widen their network, lastly promote intergenerational harmony.

This project will last for two years. We will recruit energetic retired person aged 50 or above, and provide free story workshops for kindergartens in need.



Expected Impact

Around 160 retired volunteers are expected to join, serving more than 3,400 children from 20 kindergartens.



Join Us

If you are interested in being our voluntary storytellers, please fill in the form and we will contact you if we have the details of the next training session:http://shorturl.at/OP478.