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Lohas Clan

  • Project Date: Dec 2018 - Nov 2019
  • Service User: Children, elders
  • Sponsor: Societe Generale, Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged

With the support from Societe Generale and Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, Hans Andersen Club was able to launch a projectLohas Clan, trained135children, transformed them from service users to service providers, serving more than 250 elders. Trainings included artworks and writing creation, elders visiting, community map and dim sum making, etc. These activities aimed to promote children's empathy, observe and give hands to needy in the community, foster intergenerational harmony.


Activity Focus

Angel's Kitchen

20 children and 20 volunteers went to Fantastic Cafe in Yuen Long on 19 Oct to make apple pie for elders. The three generations then enjoyed lunch together!


Lohas Clan in Lok Fu

A carnival was held on 28 Sept 2019 (Sat) in Lok Fu Plaza to exhibit children's work. The theme of the event was "intergenerational harmony".