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Story Garden

  • Gathering point: Lamma Island Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier
  • Target: 4-15 years old child and parent
  • Quota: Min 12 pax; Max 20 pax; we welcome private tour
  • Enquiry: 29822173

Story Garden enables children and parents enjoy storybooks under a blue sky and quiet nature. Explore the green island led by our professional local guide.

Lamma Island has abundant natural resource and stunning scenery, which is a new experience to many children living in city. The seasonal activities arranged in Story Garden are inspired by the nature, together with an interesting relevant story, it would definitely be an amazing and unforgettable experience to children with a deeper understanding of the topic. Parents can also have a relaxing afternoon listening to the birds' singing.

Enroll online:https://goo.gl/qVbqvb

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