Volunteacher – Learn Language From Storybooks Volunteers Program

 「好義教- 小學生繪本學語文義工支援」計劃

Thankful to have the support from the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association Limited, the “Volunteacher” program that aims to enhance participants’ language ability and social skills is now about to launch. We are going to recruit and match volunteers with primary school students providing 12 sessions of storytelling activities. We are grateful to invite corporate volunteers and the general public who are studying or completed secondary school form 5 or above to be our volunteers.

Learn language from storybooks (12 sessions)
Target beneficiaries: Primary school students (P.1-P.4)
Date: June 2022 – Oct 2022 (Exact dates and time TBC)
Lesson mode: Face-to-face classes
Venue: HAC Diana Boyd Wilson Centre/ Chuk Yuen Centre/ Storyland
Session: 10 sessions of storybook teaching + 2 sessions of social, self-care skills and concentration training (1-2 hours/session)
Content: On 1:1 or 1:2 ratio to match volunteers with students, provide storybook teaching, improve language, social and concentration skills.
Quota: 50

For inquiry, please contact Winnie Yu from DBW centre at 2338 6820 or Keith Chan from CY centre at 2329 8056.

REMARKS: Volunteers MUST complete the 2 sessions of training before starting to serve our students.


Enroll NOW :https://forms.gle/hs1wc3wyamx2EwX68


Sponsor: Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association Limited