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  • Starting Date: 2015
  • Service User Primary schools & Community Centre
  • Beneficiaries 900+
  • Progress 現正開放2021年度的報名
  • Sponsor: The Community Chest of Hong Kong


Project Mission & Goal

A harmony school enables children to learn happily, nurture positive social skills and aggression control, hence reducing school bullying or mental problem.

Therefore, starting from2015, Hans Andersen Club collaborates with the City University of Hong Kong launching the "Read to Change" project, which provides school-based storytelling social groups, with the use of Social Information Process (SIP) and Story Intervention Therapy, which is the first time in the world aiming to promote children's pro-social behaviours, childhood aggression and conflict management.


Enter project site and learn more about the research result:https://storytelling.org.hk/read-to-change/



Project Impact

The research revealed that Story Intervention Therapy is effective in preventing children from becoming revengers or bullies. The children's aggressive behaviour reduced by nearly half after participating in the project. Story Intervention Therapy can also improve children's emotion control, anger control and ability in dealing with social problems. The frequency of children triggered to anger dropped by 8% and the anger control index increased by 13% after the project, meaning that children were more willing and able to control their anger. Comparing with those who did not join any story group, Story Intervention Therapy has shown a greater effect on anger control 11 times more.

Serving schools from different districts, till March2019, the project had served a total of 19 schools, accumulative beneficiaries more than 900students. The project gained a lot of positive feedback. The research gives evidence that storytelling is able to enhance children's communication skills, empathy, social relationship and etc. More than 70% parents of participants pointed out that their children became more willing to help others, proving the project is effective in improving social skills and build a harmony school.

Our team member published the result in an academic conference held in Berlin in 2019. We also shared our experience in the HKCSS conference with more than a hundred teachers and social workers in2017(The HKCSS Convention2017), video of the sharing can be viewed as follow:




Project Development

The success of this project relies on the support from different sectors. We are always looking for corporate partners to support this project. Hoping that we can launch the project in more schools, helping more students.

We are grateful to have Hong Kong Community Chest sponsoring the project this year, and thus apart from students' groups, new school talks and parents' workshops have also introduced to the project this year. Please click here to know more about the project. Schools joining the project for the first time will enjoy a Fee Exemption, so as to benefit more children.



Join Us

If you are interested in the project, please contact Ms Fan at 23399347 or email to fan@hac.org.hk for further information.




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