Diana Boyd Wilson Centre

Subvented by Social Welfare Department, Diana Boyd Wilson Centre was founded in 1985 and served the local community in Wong Tai Sin District. We provide services matching the needs of Wong Tai Sin district, promote harmony in the community. We also provide comprehensive service including after school care, counselling service, etc. to our members, including children, teenagers, and their families, enable them to have a joyful life and holistic development.

Operation cost of Diana Boyd Wilson Centre is funded by Social Welfare Department

Service Mission

Service User: Aged 6 to 14 children, youth and their parents in Wong Tai Sin district
Holistic Development
To help children attain well-balanced moral, academic, physical, social, and aesthetic development
Parents Support
To offer mothers and fathers support and information that will empower them to fulfill their parenting roles
Civil Education
To encourage children and their families concern about the community
Library & Game Service
To promote reading by organising reading activities regularly

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