Service Direction

Storytelling for Social Impact


The Power of Story

Have you found that every time you tell a story, even a super naughty child will be quiet and listen to the story?

Story has a special power, it can catch children's attention. Values implanted in story are always easier for children to learn and absorb. With more than 50-year experience, Hans Andersen Club keeps organising creative storytelling activities, aiming to bring the best storytelling experience and impact to children.

Cultivate Positive Mindset


Holistic Development: Be Positive Towards Hardness

Holistic development is not only about academic, it is more about learning attitude. Children are full of curiosity. Looking into new stuff helps inspiring children's thinking and creativity, but "unknown" also scares people. To better prepare themselves for challenges, learning from story is one of the best way.

Story enables children to simulate the situation or think from a specific role. Children will be less scared by "unknown" when they can imagine what to do and the possible consequence.

Besides, curiosity is an essential attitude for learning. We hope that story would help them to develop an interest towards different knowledge, equip themselves for their future.

Embrace Social Inclusion


Learning from Each Other Regardless of Background

Old age is an inevitable social issue in the coming future. Many thought elders are the vulnerable groups, in fact they have a lot of experience and knowledge that is worth learning.

Therefore, we encourage these young-olds to be story volunteers via professional training. We hope the young-old volunteers could utilize their strength. Besides, children could learn and understand more about elders in order to achieve social inclusion and intergenerational harmony. Children could also serve the elders in return, trying to change their roles in different situations.