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Serving Childen and Family in HK for 60 years

Established in 1963, Hans Andersen Club has been serving the underprivileged children and families in Hong Kong. The Club aims to promote reading culture and foster parent-child relation via storytelling. We provide resources for children to enjoy holistic development and adapt to intellectual based society. In the past three years,
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Storytelling for Social Impact

Reading broadens children's horizon. Story provides room for imagination and creativity.

Cultivate Positive Mindset

Different experience stimulates children's thinking and arouses curiosity. Enthusiasm favours positive thinking.

Embrace Social Inclusion

Everyone has merit regardless of background. We encourage children to serve elders, learn from helping others.

How could Story prevent School Bullying?

Starting from2015, Hans Andersen Club collaborates with the City University of Hong Kong launching the "Read to Change" project, which provides school-based storytelling social groups, with the use of Social Information Process (SIP) and storytelling, aiming to promote children's pro-social behaviours, childhood aggression and conflict management.

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With every HKD120, a child can enjoy a paired reading service!
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Show your talent, experience the power of story with children!
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