Draw the Rainbow, Spread the Love

畫出彩虹 愛的傳遞

We are thankful to have the support from Orientop and Rainbow Foundation for the event "Noah's Ark Drawing Competition". A short-list of families will be able to attend a Christmas Fun Day in Noah's Ark for free. Prizes include an accommodation package at Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort. We hope that this event can provide a chance for families to celebrate Christmas happily during the pandemic.

Noah's Ark Drawing Competition
Collect drawings from children aged from 7 to 12, with the main theme "love" and elements of "Christmas", "rainbow" and "Noah's Ark", to spread positive attitude to Hong Kong people during the hard time.
*Drawings accept advertising color / watercolor painting / oil painting / plastic color / crayon / mixed media / pastel painting, but NO colour pencil / sketch
Deadline: 6 NOV 2020 (Fri)
Submit your drawing:https://forms.gle/abHDWTYyxmV68Ehy6

Noah's Ark Christmas Fun Day and Presentation Ceremony
A shorted-list of 10 to 15 families will be invited to Noah's Ark on 27/12/2020 (Sun) for free to join a Christmas Fun Day, activities include glass painting workshop, Christmas gift pack design and production, drawing session and games. We will also announce the winners and present the prize on that day.
* Prizes will only be presented to those short-listed families who will join the Fun Day

Champion: Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort accommodation package + Noah's Ark tickets x4
1st runner-up: Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort free buffet + Noah's Ark tickets x4
2nd runner-up: Noah's Ark tickets x4

*All winners will be given a Glass Souvenir with their drawing printed on it, made by Orientop